Adopting Ollie

So it's Tuesday night and Chris has drinks with some work contacts. We'd made plans to visit another shelter on Wednesday, but I decided to stop by the Petco in Union Square on my own. Chris and I have been stopping there once a week for the past month or so; we've seen a lot of cute cats, but none that felt like a perfect fit.

We wanted a male cat, preferably one younger than a year, and one that was good around people and other cats. Since finding Oscar had been so serendipitous, I knew I probably wouldn't be comfortable adopting anyone unless they had a damn compelling argument.

Enter Mr. Draper.

This was the sign on his cage, but it wasn't what I saw first. No, what I saw first was a little white paw coming out of the cage and what I heard first was a nice, big "MEOW!" I was looking in the cage above Mr. Draper and suddenly heard someone trying to get my attention below. I knelt down, and there he was, snuggled up against the front of the cage, happy to see me.

Meeting Mr. Draper from Jen Epting on Vimeo.

I texted Chris a photo of myself holding this Oscar look-alike with three words: "Omg. Call me."

I put in paperwork that night to hold Mr. Draper for another day so that Chris could meet him because part of this getting married thing? It's about not bringing home new members of the family without a group consensus. I spent Tuesday night snuggling Oscar more than usual, my mind spinning with questions of how they would get along and what would happen over Easter and where we would introduce them for the first time.

We'd been brainstorming names and both liked Ollie. Oscar & Ollie... kind of like a TV show or a coffee shop or THE BEST PETS ALIVE. Ollie was just as friendly as he'd been the day before.

So we did it! We adopted him and brought him home. The introductions went fine and we're able to have them in the same rooms when we're paying attention. Ollie spent his first night in the bathroom and last night we decided to let them both have free reign... good idea until 12:15 when we woke up to a cat fight in the bathroom. Ollie spent his second night in the bathroom too.

But truthfully, he's a little peach. I worked from home yesterday and spent part of the day sitting on our bed with my laptop; Ollie burrowed down under the covers and slept for 5 hours. FIVE HOURS! I kept checking on him to make sure, you know, he had OXYGEN down there, but he was really exhausted and just wanted to nuzzle my hand and go back to sleep again.

This morning he found his place under the blankets again and there was a funny moment when Ollie and Oscar were both in the bed, one under the covers and one sleeping on top of them... both seemingly unaware of the other. We can't wait until they're friends.

Here's a little video of our new buddy. He has the cutest little feet. OLLIE!

Where's Ollie? from Jen Epting on Vimeo.

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Amber, theAmberShow said...

Congratulations! I'm so excited for you :D