Code name: Mr. Draper.

Is Oscar behind bars??

NOPE! That's a little someone I met tonight at the Union Square Petco! But he sure does look a lot like he could be Oscar's little brother... doesn't he??

We think so too! Chris had a work thing tonight and wasn't able to come with me to check out this week's cats, but he got a frantic text after my photo shoot with this little snuggly bear. I put in paperwork and we're headed back tomorrow at 6pm so Chris can meet him. He's 3 years old, loves other cats and people... and his shelter name?

Mr. Draper.

There's (obviously) an awesome story about how he got my attention, but I don't want to jinx things so this little sneak peek is all you get for now. Doesn't this remind you of another blog post I wrote not so long ago???

And yes, to answer your question: I am freaking out. Squeeeeeeeeeee!

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