The secret weekend.

We were supposed to be in Wisconsin this weekend. We had the plane tickets booked, the hotel booked, the wedding RSVP'd to. We had a rental car. And then last week, we decided we weren't doing any of it.

I don't know why but I have never imagined canceling plane tickets as a possibility. Something about my Very Practical Self does not allow me to imagine scenarios in which fees are involved. Fees are companies' evil ways of getting at my hard-earned cash and I refuse them! Every time I pay my credit card bill in full, each month, I get a sick little satisfaction about sticking it to The Man.

"HA," I think to myself. "I just earned air miles for free! You credit card guys get NOTHING from me because I have no balance!"

Yes. I'm badass like that.

So anyways, we're tired. We are tired of traveling and we're tired of not spending quality time together. We've been talking about adopting a second cat for six months now but haven't had the time to look for one. I've been trying to plant a garden for three months now and haven't had time to buy soil or seeds. And so, last week, we said NO.

There was a fee to change the tickets (bonus: we traded them in towards honeymoon tickets later this summer!), but it was worth it. And it was also worth it to not tell anyone else that we weren't going away. Because what good is a weekend at home if you're not spending it, you know, at home? (Leigh, I feel totally guilty that we didn't come to your bday party... I will make it up to you.)

So I cleaned up the garden and got it ready for this year. Chris coded a secret project. We visited some cats that were up for adoption (no luck so far) and we finally started watching The Wire. We even took a walk in our own neighborhood! And we haven't done that together, really, ever.

Here are some pictures from my gardening yesterday on the deck. It was supposed to be cruddy all weekend but then Saturday arrived, all full of sun and warmth and so we took advantage. Oscar spent so much time on the deck that he must have thought he died and went to heaven. I can't wait to see the seeds start growing and the deck come alive again, this time with lettuce and peas and beans and tomatoes and herbs. We're growing fewer things, but in bulk this year. The summer of 4 snow peas a week is over! Hooray!

P.S. Don't let them tell you otherwise- sometimes it pays to pay for a weekend at home.

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