Two pieces of advice.

1. Do not see that movie Super. Don't do it! It looks hilarious. Dwight is in it! And Liv Tyler. (And that Juno girl, who I think is meh, but mostly because I am the only person on earth who hated Juno (I won't get into it now, but it has something to do with abortion and brainwashing teenagers into conservatism. Ahem.)).

Anyhoo. Don't see it! It was not worth the cash. Very unfunny and very stupidly violent and just overall a total disappointment.

2. If you ever decide to stay on the 6 train past Brooklyn Bridge (you know you want to...), make sure you're looking out the LEFT side of the train as you go into the tunnel.

I'll explain. For those of you who do not live in NYC, the 6 train normally stops (and starts) at the Brooklyn Bridge stop. But in order for it to go from the downtown track to the uptown track, it must turn around somewhere. The conductor makes an announcement about it being the last stop, then drives the train around some kind of magical tunnel and it comes out on the other (uptown) side.

EXCEPT THERE IS ALSO A SECRET STATION. There used to be a station nearby at City Hall and if you secretly stay in the 6 train after everyone else exits, you can see it!

After our disappointing movie date night the other night, we decided to cheer ourselves up by finally doing this. Unfortunately, we were looking out the right side of the train car the whole time and totally missed it. Suddenly we found ourselves back on the uptown platform without a glimpse of the secretness. So we did what anyone would do. We did it again- and looked out the left side this time.

And people? It was pretty cool.

The only photographic evidence of the old station.
There's probably a ghost in this picture. 

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