May Madness

Hi there. I'm still here, treading water. I felt bad that the last post was up there for so long. A bunch of people have called or emailed, all concerned, and I wondered "why do people think that I've got issues lately?" Then I realized what I'd last written and it was not - shall we say? - the most uplifting of messages.

So! I'm here, very busy, and not weeping in a corner. I promise! Look, for example, here I am smiling at the bridal shower over the weekend:

SUCH lovely, lovely girls.

And last night we were at a surprise birthday party and the night before that I was eating pizza and pasta with my Mberg girls at Eataly. And tonight we're having dinner with an old friend who has awesome, exciting life news. See? Good things!

Just too many of them. Last week I ran twice and this week I haven't run at all and that's all due to the excessive social schedule happening around here lately. I need to be smarter and better about protecting my weeknights from this. (And now the longtime readers of this blog smack their heads and say EPTING, HAVEN'T YOU LEARNED ANYTHING??? Apparently I haven't.)

So I'm taking a big, deep breath. The next few weeks promise to be more of the same, but I keep coming back to Matt Long's refrain of setting a goal, committing to it, and sacrificing for it. The goal here is to keep sane and find balanced. So now I'm committing to it and soon I might have to sacrifice for it.

Commitment #1: no matter what, exercise is happening after dinner tonight. I don't care if I have to use the cats as dumbbells, some level of exercise will be happening.

P.S. When I signed up for that online cooking course, I had the option of 3 months or 1 year. Aren't we glad I chose the year-long option? That's called Le Planning Ahead or Le Prediction of Le Realistic Amount of Free Time. Nailed it. For once.

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