Reporting from a Brooklyn apartment near you.

I feel like I need to write this post so that I can report lots of news and clear the air for new random posts that I've been thinking about. (Sometimes when I write sentences like that, I think "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? A post about NEWS about you?? Who cares?!" I'm telling that voice to kindly shut it for now).

Breaking News: I did not go to the library thing.
But it's not why you think! It's because, as the week progressed, I got sicker and sicker. I had a fever and then I felt like I was swallowing glass shards and then I went to the doctor and he gave me antibiotics on Friday. So... infecting 499 others in the NYPL was not in the cards, nor was staying up all night. I am pretty bummed out about it (especially since Meg and Maddy were so motivational in the comments of my last post) and have avoided reading anything about the night.

But you know what? I'm going to have other amazing opportunities in my life and there's no sense beating myself up for getting sick.

Breaking News: My shower was freakin' awesome.
I will write a separate post about this, but my shower was so lovely. In fact, it was so lovely that I almost passed out while opening gifts! (That may or may not have had something to do with being on antibiotics... or feeling overwhelmed as the center of attention).

It also made me think a lot about a secret fear I have, which is that people will not show up for me. When it comes down to it, I realized that I'm really afraid that coming to my shower or my birthday party or another event that focuses on ME, is too big of an ask for people. I'm still struggling with this, but am so very appreciative to the friends that made it to the shower. You guys proved my inner critic wrong.

Breaking News: I ran a 10k.
What?! How have I not posted about this? Two weeks ago, we spent the weekend in DC. First we helped my sister move to Baltimore and then, early Sunday morning, I met Moriah (an old M'berg friend) near Union Station to run 6.2 miles! We had the best cheering section there and made it through the miles fairly easily. I'm running another 10k on Memorial Day and haven't been running so much since I was sick, so here's hoping that goes just as well!

Breaking News: 2011 Goals are happening!
You may remember that I posted these three goals for this year in my first post of 2011:

1. Get our finances organized.
2. Run a 10k.
3. Speak at a public event for work.

And here's how they're shaping up:
1. Chris and I met with a financial advisor this afternoon. I guess we're really adults now. She reassured us that we're actually fairly organized compared to other people our age and she's going to help us make a strategy to meet short, intermediate and long-term goals. Deep breath, we're on a good track.

2. Um... done!

3. It has really been a crazy day. This afternoon I got an email letting me know that my proposal to the Web 2.0 conference was accepted... so I'll be speaking at the conference in New York this fall! All I can say about this is YOWZA. I'm so proud that I stuck to my guns and submitted a proposal, though I'm admittedly a little nervous when I think about actually getting up and speaking in front of all those people.

Breaking News Finale: Snuggling Cats Alert.

All my dreams are coming true. Fin.

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