Shots of NY: Madison Square Park and Grand Central

I went to Eataly last week to have dinner with some college friends (BTW, DELICIOUS) and found myself in front of Madison Square Park on 23rd Street. It's most famous for the Shake Shack (confession: I've never been!), but it's also a lovely little green park where you can sit and read a book or watch dogs in the dog run.

And then, a few nights later, we met up with my friend Jay from High School. He's one of my oldest friends and lives in San Francisco with his wife... but is moving to Connecticut at the end of the month! Here we are in Grand Central after dinner (he's the one with the sketch-tastic moustache). I go through Grand Central every morning on my way to work and though it's always busy as hell, there's something majestic and inspiring about the place.

Pro tip: Explore the whispering walls outside the Oyster Bar restaurant. Just don't let any secrets slip!

P.S. It's pretty crazy how this NY semester is making me take more photos. I forget how often I'm in special or historical places and this project is making me think about the spaces around me more.

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