Are we married yet?

I'm having a rough day and most of it is because of that darn wedding infringing on what was otherwise a very happy life! This morning I wrote out checks to vendors only to find out that we have no more normal US stamps, only foreign. So in a fit of rage, I stuck $.98 on each envelope, which is only traveling to Westchester, NY. I guess those puppies rode first class.

Not having stamps is not a big deal unless you are six weeks from your wedding and you hate everything. Like you hate talking about vendor insurance, for example, or the impending necessity of making a fun reception playlist when you do not have 98% of the songs you want to play. Is this boring you yet? I know! That's what happens when you are six weeks away, you get totally boring and just walk around muttering about what time the ice cream will arrive and will it fit in the freezer.

When I got to work today, I googled foods that will reduce stress and just finished a salad that had avocado, walnuts and almonds on it. Now I'm all zen and relaxed and slouching in my chair! Not really. Ok, a little.

We're leaving for Madison, WI tomorrow. When we first planned this 4th of July trip, I think we were both kind of nervous about being away for a whole long weekend so close to the wedding. It's safe to say we're past that now. We're like, GET OUT, GET AWAY! Get far away from Brooklyn and wedding errands. If you have not yet been through a wedding and you believe you will do this at some point in your life, I cannot more strongly recommend a long weekend trip six weeks before the wedding. We will be forced to ride bikes and take walks and eat BBQ food for 4 days with the Sarahs. BOO HOO!

As I ate my low-stress salad over lunch a few minutes ago, two things made me happy. This post by Mimi Smartypants made me laugh out loud and the following pictures of big, white dogs really did the trick. Having a rough day, even if it's not because of a wedding? Take a look at these guys...

Ok, now for the grand finale:


bec said...

i hear ya, woman. the last 2 months were tough on my mental condition. a glass or two of wine at the end of the day can do wonders.

Jen Epting said...

Gahhh, thanks for saying that Bec. :) Good call on the wine... I will be using that trick.

Anonymous said...

What songs are you missing? FB message me a list and I'll see if I have any I can burn/send you.