The new East River Ferry. Excellent.

Yesterday was the first day of the new East River Ferry and I took it home from work! If I never get around to writing that book, at least my grandchildren will have one thing to brag about.

Here we are leaving Manhattan in the dust. This new ferry service is free until the 26th and let me tell you guys something. FERRIES ARE SO MUCH BETTER THAN SUBWAYS. If you need proof, let's examine the behavior of people on both forms of transportation. People on subways say snide things to each other and give you mean looks when you actually find a seat. People on ferries? Well, they're much too busy wind-blowing their hair for any of that!

Look at how peaceful that dude looks. He's like "man, here comes Williamsburg. I wonder who built those ridiculously shiny buildings." Me too, dude. Me too.

One of the best things was getting a view of Brooklyn that you really can't get from anywhere except the water. I never knew these signs and factories existed! Also, gotta love that Lehigh Cement. Go Lehigh Valley, PA!

When the ferry let me off down by the Brooklyn Bridge, I was still a 20 min walk from home. But since the Brooklyn Bridge Park's job seems to be making my neighborhood more beautiful every damn day, it was a picturesque walk home. See?

Moral of the story: ferries rule. Mostly because of how joyous everyone around you is. When this other ferry came by, we all waved and cheered. I mean, what?? That never (EVER) happens on the subway.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE this!! It's amazing how taking a new form of transportation, or a different walking route home, can make your day so much better! Can't wait to see you and Chris in a couple of weeks!
- SNiebler