Philly weekend.

We spent this weekend in Philadelphia for the last wedding we'll attend until ours. It was goosebump-inducing, hearing the vows and watching my friend Galen come down the aisle with her dad. At some point I thought "geez, I better do some kind of therapy beforehand, something that will allow me to not sob through my entire ceremony." Then I reconsidered and decided I might just take a shot.

These past few weeks have been so filled with wedding errands and emailing vendors that we've found ourselves needing to distract from the upcoming event at hand. Last week I called Tuesday a "wedding-free day," a suggestion that Evelyn had made to me way back when we got engaged, but at that point I thought "who the heck needs to lay aside one day per week to NOT do wedding stuff?" Little did I know.

We stayed with Jess and Sean on Friday night, dear, dear friends from Muhlenberg. We had the best time catching up in a pub, then wandering out for Starbucks the next morning and catching the flag-raising ceremony at the Betsy Ross House. There is nothing better than Saturday morning chai in your pjs at the Betsy Ross house with Jess:

We got back to Brooklyn last night after a traffic-filled ride home with Anne and Tyler, happy to be back with the cats. New York passed a bill this weekend to allow gay people to get married in our state and that feels just right. Here's to many happy, respectful and lifelong marriages - for everyone!

More pix from our weekend here.

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