Shots of NY: The Chrysler building and the Flatiron

I walked to my friend Leigh's new apartment last week and ended up passing through Madison Square Park again. Since I've already shared that in an earlier NY post, I figured I'd turn around and snap a picture in the opposite direction. Look at this sweet building:

I wonder who lives in the Flatiron. And what kind of rooms they built at the front tip...

And then we have our old friend, the Chrysler building. Chris and I emerge from the subway through this building almost every morning. Just yesterday I switched roles at Arc90 and my new team happens to be in an office with this view:

Uhhh... AWESOME? Or what?

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Jessica said...

My company headquarters are in the Flatiron! Sadly, I work in a satellite location. But I go there for meetings with HR. You can't really tell it's flat from the inside.

Happy blog anniversary!