Shots of NY: West Village and Fort Greene

In the past month, I've done Big Onion walking tours of the West Village and Fort Greene. Don't know Big Onion? Well, they're the best. $15 per person, you show up with cash in hand and a very smart PhD student takes you on a tour, full of fun facts and gorgeous things you wouldn't have noticed yourself.

The Village is a part of Manhattan that I've always been intimidated to explore. The roads are twisty and confusing and I'd never wandered in that part of town, other than getting lost on the way to a restaurant. But I loved it! It's all Edith Wharton and Henry James over there. I'd just finished The Age of Innocence, so I was pretty into it.

I'd wanted to do the Fort Greene tour because I run over there sometimes and I am ALWAYS lost. Part of the fun thing about doing a walking tour is laying out a plan that you can come back to later. You can be sure I'll be returning to run around Clinton Hill once the weather cools down.

P.S. Fun Fort Greene fact? Richard Wright wrote Native Sun in Fort Greene Park. Writing in a park = awesome.

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Awesome shots!