So true.

From page 133:
"Men talk." She pointed her finger. "They talk all the time. The truth is, in normal daily intercourse, men never shut up. Let me give you a for instance: three men building a stone wall. Talk, talk, talk. Artie, they go on and on. Every rock and angle has to be anointed with talk. Ad nauseam. People: it's a lousy wall. Throw the damn thing up and be done. But no. When they finish and it's time to relax, that's when they shut up. Have you ever seen workmen eating lunch? Staring into the distance, chewing like zombies, not one word. With women it's exactly the opposite. We get down to work, and we don't want anything pleasurable to get in our way. Think of all the grandmothers in the kitchen rolling dough. All business, only shorthand talk allowed: put that here; no, not those; roll it thinner, that's the way. But when the pies are in the oven, they sit down with their cups of tea and the fun begins. To a man, talk is work; to a woman, it's reward." 

- Three Stages of Amazement by Carol Edgarian

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