Beginnings on a Friday night.

Tonight was grilled cheese sandwiches and microwave popcorn and rain. Old, dusty rain that started falling late in the afternoon when everyone at work wished it was two hours later than it really was.

Rain on a Friday evening feels like summer vacation from summer. No roof decks call, no sunny streets tempt, you don't even want ice cream.

What you want is a grilled cheese sandwich with popcorn on the side (double serving of carbs, please) and a tall glass of cold water. What you want is your fiance playing video games while you settle deep into the couch and start writing the novel that presented itself during the flight to Madison last week. What you want is for the novel to come out as easily as its 12-chapter-outline did.

It doesn't. Not as easily. But you still get 1500 words in. And that's a very good start.

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