Next stop: Tiaras and Toddlers and Oscar & Ollie.

This morning a woman from KittyKind, the shelter that we adopted both cats from, emailed me to ask if our cats could be featured in a 2012 calendar. They'd come to our place to do a photo shoot and we'd write up a blurb about the boys, how we got them and what they're like.

I mean, are you kidding me? Appeal to my parental side, why don't you!

So O & O are about to become famous. I cannot wait to see what month they're picked for. I suppose it's possible that they're chosen for separate months, in which case Oscar would probably be best suited for May or October, totally comfortable and relaxed months. And Ollie? What's that month that represents total affection but also nightly paper-eating and other inedible objects again?

Here they are rumbling a few weeks ago...

Rumble from Jen Epting on Vimeo.

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ajlounyinjurylaw said...

I would recommend November. It's a cozy home by the fire and feast month.