Orphan cats and a favor.

I worked from home this morning, letting the laundry happen behind the scenes as I wireframed. This weekend makes two in a row that the cats will be alone. I kind of hate that, but our neighbors across the hall are going to come and take care of them every morning with their kids in tow. I'm sure they will be fine... though Ollie was very cuddly this morning as he sensed something was up.

Ollie in a rare moment of being still.

Ollie on my lap, Oscar in background.

I have a favor to ask! I'm working on a presentation I may give at another conference this fall (I KNOW. TWO CONFERENCES. It's crazy.) and I am looking for... wait for it... photos of people's bookshelves at home! Or at work, I guess. Essentially, I'm trying to collect a bunch of photos of people's bookshelves and I wondered if any blog readers would want to send some in!

If you're interested (come on, what are you doing this weekend anyway? Take a break from the watermelon.), please email jennifer DOT epting AT gmail DOT com with at least one shot of your bookshelves. Also, please answer the following questions:
1. How are your books arranged? (Even "by size" is technically a way to arrange!)
2. Is there a section of the shelves that is most important or that holds the most important books? Which is it?

And that's it! I may have a few follow-up questions, but mostly I'm just getting started on some cool and funky research over here in User Experience land.

Happy 4th!

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