The pretty things of July.

Inspired by the flowers of Madison, I hit up the farmer's market last weekend for some flowers. Since I'm about half a summer too late, they were having a sweet sale. A flat of 18 plants for $20. Yes, please.

They've been making themselves at home on our deck for over a week now and have filled out their pots more fully. Even though they each take an entire watering can every morning (a horrible zap on my morning pre-work time!), I love them. They are colorful and rising to the occasion of summer. They decorated a little gathering we had this past weekend and they will continue to brighten the deck as foreign friends come to stay while we're away on our honeymoon.

The garden, in general, this summer has been bountiful. String beans and snap peas and lettuce galore. Lots of herbs too that always seem like good ideas, but that often head to seed long before I could ever use them all. Ah well, there must be something to fill the spaces between the bigger crops.

This is a cheesecake I made this weekend, my very first one. It was a New York cheesecake, which means that it was made with a little lemon zest- and people went wild! Cinnamon graham cracker crust and all, I was pretty proud of my latest creation.

We picked up our rings yesterday and I'm in love with my wedding band. It's so tiny and fragile and I love thinking about using my hands while wearing it to do crazy life things. Like give a baby a bath or high five my husband or hold open a copy of my first novel while signing it for someone. Choosing the jewelry we'll wear for a very long time is such a special thing.

Somehow in the past ten days, we've gone from wedding anxious to wedding ready. Oh sure, we have to figure out programs and print out table numbers, but we're set. And ironically, once we've calmed down in our waking life, my sleeping life is full of anxieties. I can't get my necklace out of its box to wear or my hairdresser only does half my head or my mom refuses to put on her gown. Last night I tossed and turned for hours, not because I was anxious, but because it's all a lot to take in. It's all a lot to process and imagine happening and get excited about. And now that we have our guest list finalized, it's really, totally imaginable.

I used to have dreams, with other boyfriends, that I got to the alter and left. I woke up, heart pounding, feeling like the worst person in the world. Haven't had that dream in over three years. And so even though it's extremely irritating to be thinking about extension cords at 4am when I'm woken up by one of the cats, I'm so extremely grateful that I'm not worried about who I'm headed down the aisle to meet.

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