Easing into the rest of our lives.

We've got less than a week to go. We've got a forecast that's hovering at 30% chance of precipitation. We've got a plan to get the dress, get the sound system, get the violet plants, get the hell out of Brooklyn on Thursday morning. We've got two days left of work.

What don't we got? NERVES!

That photo is me at the Transit Museum this morning. If I can wish one thing for each of you, it's that you are relaxed enough the weekend before you get married that you can visit the Transit Museum together and take funny pictures in all the old trains.

When our kids throw us a 35-year anniversary party, I hope they remember to look at this blog to get a sense for the anticipation we were feeling. I'll be the first to admit that maintaining excitement about getting married over a 10-month engagement isn't feasible. You have to be a productive member of society, so you can't spend all day every day talking about HOW AWESOME THE FLOWERS WILL BE. AND THE FRIENDS! AND THE CAKES! You have to take it down a notch... you have to live life as if it's completely normal.

But then you're less than a week from marrying your best friend and the excitement bursts through in little explosions at random moments. When you're signing your name at Trader Joe's, you think about how the next shopping trip could be with your husband. FIREWORKS! Or when you're sitting on the couch together eating quesadillas, talking about who you're most looking forward to seeing and what moment you're anticipating the most (him: seeing his bride for the first time, her: pronouncement of man and wife). FIREWORKS! When he gives his seat up at Starbucks to a woman who walks with a cane. FIREWORKS!

Wedding hammock, a gift from my sibs.
Last night, antsy about what to read next and not yet ready to commit to a biography about Cornelius Vanderbilt (yep. I know. NERD.), I picked up Committed again. That Liz Gilbert, man. She makes me want to reread her infinity times just to spend time with her charming, witty and best friend-ish brain. I feel good spending my final few days as an unmarried reader in her capable hands.

What else? The semester on NY was highly undocumented, wasn't it? I'm sorry about that. Believe me when I say that I was buried in New York history all summer and that I'd like to post more about it, but we'll have to see how time works out. August has always been planned as my summer vacation away from Project Learn and I'm very excited to roll back into my fourth semester come September. More to come on that.

One week from now we'll be at the airport to leave for our honeymoon. We're taking a roadtrip down the Pacific Coast from Portland, OR to Palm Springs, CA. We have plenty of time to explore places abroad and plenty of beach vacations when kids come, but for now we wanted a domestic roadtrip adventure for the two of us. We're so, so excited to start things off in Portland, a city that we visited almost a year ago and one that has lodged itself deep in our hearts.

Then we head down the Oregon coast, down towards the Redwood forest, through San Francisco (wooo!), Carmel, Big Sur, Santa Barbara and then a swing over to Palm Springs to complete the Ace Hotel portion of our love story at the fourth and final Ace. Then we're flying to Milwaukee where Chris' family is hosting a party for those people who couldn't make the NY wedding and THEN we're coming home. It's going to be 3 weeks of crazy awesomeness. We don't even have the volume of underwear to support such a long trip!

Sometimes I wonder what happens when all of this is over, when our friends and families are back in their states and countries and the honeymoon registry is closed and we've got tons of photos to remember everything by. I would like to say that we'll come back to plain old life, but if you know anything about us, you know that plain old life isn't something we're big on. We've got lots cooking over here: Camp Mighty later this fall, a trip to Japan next spring, French classes for Chris (his bday gift!) and miles of road ahead of us. A long, long road of life to be lived.

We are ready to live it.


Mer said...

do not stalk the 5-day forecast! it was suposed to rain on our wedding day, and when i woke up, it was gloomy...by 11am, the sun was out and it was warm and beautiful so don't believe what the weatherman tells you :) so excited for you and Chris!

Jen said...

5 day? I've been stalking since 10 day! ;)

Thanks, Mer! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the way you write about your wedding Jen. You're about the only person whose blog concentrates on the important things rather than the details and I love it! I hope you have a wonderful wedding and an even more marvellous marriage cos its sounds like you two are just perfect together.
Biz, Ciara

Anonymous said...

uhh...way to get me all dewy-eyed on a Monday morning ;) Great post - can't wait for this weekend.

Puebs said...

oops -2nd anonymous = puebs

evelyn said...

That was maybe the best and cutest post you've ever written. Can't wait for your super-spesh day, Spesh!

Zan said...

Have a fantastic wedding day! Happy wishes for everything that comes after too :)