The life.

I’m sitting in an expensive coffee shop in Palm Springs. It’s 119 degrees outside - an unbearable heat - and so we’ve been chased indoors, to used bookstores and cafes like this one during the long, hot hours of the afternoon.

Across from me sits my husband, formerly my fiance and previous to that, my boyfriend. (Further back still, he was “cute-guy-I-worked-with,” but that’s a while ago). He’s drinking a vanilla latte; three weeks ago he would never have ordered this, but our honeymoon has brought out all kinds of new habits in our lives. Coffee drinking is one of them. We can’t drink it without filling the cup halfway with milk and adding at least three packets of sugar, but we’re having fun with it. This morning Chris went back to the room after breakfast while I stayed and finished my cup in the hotel restaurant. I sat and sipped and appreciated the culture of it. Coffee, so far, seems to be another lovely excuse to sit quietly and contemplatively after a meal or in the company of an old friend. Much like wine, a cup of coffee (even better yet- a little French press pot to prolong the moment) gives you an excuse to cozy down into a big chair and wonder about the world.

We’ve seen quite a bit on this trip. I resisted the temptation to sit and write every night, wanting to record the memories before they faded into one general “roadtrip.” It is our honeymoon, after all, and letting go of reporting life to the minute detail on Twitter or Facebook (or this blog) was a big part of our intention. For the most part, we’ve steered clear... and for that, we have been rewarded with full minds and relaxed postures.

I’m sure that this honeymoon wouldn’t be right for everyone, but I’d like to submit that it was PERFECT for us. It has been an adventure, each day offering the most fun things we’ve never allowed ourselves before. For example, one day we woke up early to go horseback riding through the forest and onto the beach. And from there, we drove to have lunch overlooking the California coastline. And then we went to a castle. We finished by eating steak in the most ridiculous dining room we’ve ever been in. AND THAT WAS ONE DAY.

After 8 or 9 days of that, we rolled into Palm Springs and spent all of yesterday in the pool. Laying around by the pool and reading did not sound like the honeymoon we wanted (I would be bored in 4.3 seconds), but somehow finishing the trip with 3 days of this is perfection. This morning I bounced between sitting and reading for 15 minutes and then jumping in the pool for 10 to cool off. It was the most perfect combination in existence and it sure didn’t hurt that we were in the most beautiful hotel I’ve ever seen.

This morning after I took the final sips of my coffee, I signed the bill with my new name. I finished my coffee and I signed a new name and I went to find my husband to go swimming in the 119 degree heat. And then I pinched myself because, this? This is the life. This is my life.

And I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

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Erica said...

I can't wait to hear all about it !!!