Fun weekend projects

This weekend we spent time with friends, relaxed and got a LOT done. I was very happy to spend some time on crafty projects too. Such as:

Wedding Scrapbook- When you get married, you end up with a giant pile of cards and a whole bunch of random papers and memorabilia. For a while, it all sat in a box in our living room. That got old. So I bought a simple scrapbook from the Paper Source near our apartment, a bunch of filler pages and some archival sticky tape-like substance. The result? An awesome, organized representation of every moment from engagement through wedding.

This cost about $100 and was totally worth it. I tried to make something that I wish I'd had from my grandparents' wedding. Hopefully a future generation finds it interesting.

Zucchini, sweet potato and raisin muffins- Via Daily Garnish. These were delicious, healthy and inspired a dinner of sweet potato fries and zucchini fritters. Yum.

Baby shower gift- I can't say too much here, but I worked on a gift for the baby shower I'm hosting in a few weeks. I learned to do counted cross stitch when I was a kid and thought it would be fun to mess around with it again. So far, so good.

Recipe book from the shower- My mom and sister hosted my shower back in May and they'd asked everyone to submit a recipe. I used the pack of recipe cards to standardize everything and get it set in this recipe book. Another wedding project done.

Little kid bday present- I can't say much about this either yet, but I did a photo shoot with the cats for a fun birthday project for a friend of ours. Here's a HILARIOUS photo of Ollie helping me find something to eat in the fridge. Please don't judge our fridge. 

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