Guide to roadtripping the Pacific Coast.

PHEW. I haven't been able to muster up the energy to upload all of our honeymoon pictures to Flickr yet, but tonight I managed to write up our recommendations for things you should do if you're considering a trip out west! To read the travel guide, click here.

Things of note:

  • I left off our hotels in San Fran and in Carmel because we didn't love them and I wouldn't recommend them. 
  • If you're thinking of skipping Oregon, that's the wrong decision. Other than Big Sur, the prettiest parts of the drive were southern Oregon. Plus, people were nicer there.
  • I don't really like California. Maybe it was preconceived notions, but I didn't like the vibe of the people and somehow I just can't take them seriously! This may be my New Yorker blood surfacing here, was just interesting to realize.
  • We drove 1503 miles in 12 days. We paid one toll- $6 to cross the Golden Gate bridge in San Fran. Crazy!
  • Here was our itinerary, for those who want to reference it:
    • Portland, OR (2 nights)
    • Newport Beach, OR (1 night)
    • Gold Beach, OR (1 night)
    • Mendocino, CA (1 night)
    • San Francisco, CA (2 nights)
    • Carmel, CA (1 night)
    • San Luis Obispo (1 night)
    • Palm Springs (3 nights)
And now, some pictures to whet your appetite for the west coast...

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