Weekend recap. This might be boring to you!

Some peppers from my garden.
Remember how fun it was to change around your college dorm room? You'd bunk the beds, then de-bunk them, then one Friday night you'd try to get both your dresser AND desk under your bunked bed? The possibilities were ... ok, they were with end. There are only so many ways you can arrange 4 pieces of furniture.

What am I getting at? Well! We here in the Newly-Married-And-Kind-Of-Wanting-Our-Place-To-Look-More-Grown-Up category have embarked on a living room upgrade! It is convenient that our kitchen is ALSO our living room because that means we are also getting a kitchen upgrade. And who said small living spaces in NYC were limiting?!

Anyhoo. I went on an Ikea frenzy the other night and ordered approximately 40 bookcases for our living room. Ok, it was only 3. Sometimes I lay awake at night dreaming about how many books we can fit on those bookcases and how much random crap we can put in decorative baskets that will be placed IN the bookshelves to function as drawers. Finally, a place where our binoculars and extra rubber bands can live in organized harmony! Ikea delivery should be here within 2 weeks, so watch out, world!

We spent yesterday relaxing like it was our jobs. (N.B. it is most definitely not our jobs.) It was the rule of the day. We woke up and got bagels, which we ate outside in the September weather. Then we came back here and I napped while Chris played video games. (For those of you calculating, yes, it is true that I napped around 10am. I realize this probably should count as sleeping in.) Then I started and finished Bossypants by Tina Fey on Chris' iPad.

Verdicts: Tina's funny, meh experience reading my first digital book.

Then we took a walk to Housing Works to donate old clothes, a trip to Barnes & Noble, and finally a lovely dinner out at Bar Tabac.

Today, to make up for all that R&R, I got up and ran 3 miles before 9am. Then we showered, went to Starbucks, and I wrote my presentation for the Web 2.0 conference in 2 hours. DONE! I mean, there's still work to do, but holy crap does that feel awesome. Sometimes I think I miss homework and then when I *actually* have something homework-ish, I am not all about it.

Other accomplishments of today included finishing our thank-you notes from the wedding, baking a cake, making spicy sweet potato soup and rearranging the furniture.

All in all, a perfect blend of chill time and getting stuff crossed off the "to-do" list.

PS If I may mention one irritation... why is it that every time I vacuum, the cats decide to RIP EACH OTHERS' FUR OUT AND SPREAD IT ALL AROUND THE APARTMENT WHILE WE SLEEP? I woke up this morning to find that I needed to vacuum again. Perhaps I will go straight to the source one of these days and use the attachments on Oscar. Sheesh.

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Amber, theAmberShow said...

In the heat of summer when everyone is at the height of shedding, I've taken the brush attachment to Matty. He kind of likes it. It is the closest I've come to one of those "bad parenting but oh well it works" moments.