Honeymoon: 1 night in Gold Beach, OR

The southern coast of Oregon was some of my favorite driving the whole way. We started having less plans other than getting to the place we were staying. We allowed ourselves to pull over to the side of the road spontaneously to see sea lions and the views. It was the beginning of a real, spontaneous vacation.

When we got to the B&B, our hostess pointed out the river across the street. "Feel free to go hang out over there," she said, and so we did. I waded in the river and took in the expansive mountains around us. It seriously felt like the last place on earth. Work? Cats? Everyone we knew? Literally thousands and thousands of miles away.

Except not really. We pulled off the coast for lunch and randomly found our way to a Norwegian chip shop. There we were, enjoying a fried lunch, when a former Arc90 employee walked in, on his vacation from New York. I KID YOU NOT. It was the kind of coincidence that you don't understand, the kind of story that is so unbelievable it's spooky.

I've experienced those kinds of coincidences before- and each time, you wonder "why did that happen?" I pay attention when that kind of stuff happens because it feels like you're hot on the trail to the truth of your life.

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Jess said...

"...like you're hot on the trail to the truth of your life." Jen, c'mon, what are you doing to me here? That's such a beautiful phrase, I teared up. I want to tattoo it onto
my eyeballs!!

You are the most the best!


Jen said...

@Jess My blog posts are but to serve you. :) xox