Honeymoon: 1 night in Mendocino, CA

My maternal grandparents drove across the country several times in the 40s. My Nana wrote letters back home, explaining how they saw a "real Indian" for the first time, how the deer were different in Montana, how my Uncle Dick had fun playing with some local kids. But for all their trips, they never made it to the Redwoods. And as my Nana got older, she would talk about this missed opportunity.

"Boy, I bet that'd be something to see," she'd say. "Those big trees!"

When we were planning a trip down the coast, I knew we had to see the Redwoods. And my, were they something to see.

At some point, we picked up a classy lunch of peanut butter, jelly and bread and took it up to a overlook that was supposed to showcase stunning views. Imagine our surprise when we ascended into a cloud.

It wasn't the most expensive of meals on the trip, but it definitely was one of the most memorable. And with this picnic lunch, we rolled into California, road trip style.

More pix on Flickr here.


Meg said...

Jen, I am LOVING your honeymoon recap! Pete and I have been tossing ideas around about what we'd like to do for a honeymoon and Pacific Road Trip is high on the list. We're not getting hitched until Fall 2013 but your posts have been very inspiring. If we end up going this route I'll be referencing them and hoping to pick your brain a bit, too.

Jen said...

Hooray! I'm so glad you like them. :)

ALSO HOLY CONGRATS! I didn't know!!!! xoxo