Honeymoon: 1 night in Newport Beach

When you leave Portland and head towards the coast, you go through a few national forests. We couldn't stop taking photos of the trees. THE TREES! And the air! If I could have captured it on film, I would have.

We eventually hit the coast and got a look at some white driftwood and the mountains to the north; we had never been somewhere as beautiful. It was a good start to our ocean-filled drive down the coast and every time we pulled over to take photos, I couldn't believe where we were.

That first night, we stopped in Newport Beach to stay at a library B&B; all the rooms were themed after authors. We stayed in the Hemingway room and ate dinner with the other hotel residents. It was so much colder than we thought it would be. But it was so beautiful.

More pix on Flickr here.

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