Honeymoon: 2 nights in San Francisco

Mendocino was a bizarre town. We stayed in a little cottage shed at a B&B, had a dinner in a nearby restaurant and all I remember about that dinner was eating soup and laughing pretty much non-stop. We were looking forward to San Francisco - it would be Chris' first time there.

San Francisco is not warm and by that I also sort of mean not inviting. I've been there before to visit friends, and each time their hospitality far outshone the city. When Chris and I arrived, we checked into our hotel (air miles spent for 2 free nights at the Clift!) and found it, again, somewhat cold. Compared with the B&Bs we'd been staying at along the way, the Clift was the height of formality.

There were no obvious "must-sees" on our list. And so the first morning, after breakfast, we headed to the zoo. Deciding to go to the zoo was one of the decisions that truly made the trip feel spontaneous. Isn't the zoo something you want to do every morning instead of going to work? I know. Me too.

And so my favorite memories in San Fran have to do with gorillas and drinks at the bar in the top of the Marriott. We had some big talks over drinks in that bar, some mighty big talks. At the base of those discussions was our reluctance to be in a big city like San Fran after the GREENness of the trip up until that point.

To me, this is what a honeymoon is for. To be far away physically from the place you call home, but also far away mentally. To be in a dreaming place. To be thinking big because you can, because you don't have the checkbook on you and because a whole bunch of people just said they'd support you in your life.

It was like floating.

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