Just because I don't see you everyday doesn't mean I don't care about you.

Tonight after French class, I rode the subway home with a good friend. He has achieved a lot more balance in his life than I have and I questioned him about that. Given the fact that we live in the city where everything is possible, how does he avoid becoming overwhelmed? And doesn't he feel guilt for not seeing friends more often?

"Just because I don't see someone everyday doesn't mean I don't care about them," he said. "I might go 2, 3 months without seeing someone. But it doesn't mean that I've forgotten them or that I don't care about them."
The Pacific Coast, a place I don't see everyday.

Bam. Straight to the heart.

How often do we make ourselves anxious by typing the words "I haven't seen you in a million years!"? What would happen if, instead of writing this, we typed "I hope to see you in the next million years!" Or better yet, "I'm thinking of you and caring about you. And even though I haven't seen your face in a while, I miss it."

I reconnected with another friend earlier this evening and instead of saying "let's try to get coffee next week," as is my normal instinct at the close of a conversation, I got the check and told her she could get the next one. We did not specify when the next one would be. But there was an unspoken agreement that there would be a next one.

Tonight I got home to find a package in the mail from Bob and Betsy. My god, to have friends like this. A hand-crafted card wishing us our 2 month anniversary. And inside the package, a handcrafted necklace that featured a dried violet from one of the Nana plants at the wedding. I can't imagine how many hours it took Betsy to put such a thoughtful gift together. And the knowledge that she spent that time thinking of us... I am overwhelmed.

No one owes me a coffee. You don't owe me a visit, you don't owe me a letter. Owe is the wrong word. A coffee, a visit, a letter, a handmade necklace are always welcomed here. And as we wait for the next time we see each other, let's wonder about each other often and send good thoughts.

If I don't see you everyday, it doesn't mean I don't care about you. It really just means that I don't see you everyday.

P.S. Thank you so much B&B for the gift. It made our night.

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