The saddest little peanut of all.

Hiding in a tea towel at the vet.
Is there anything sadder than a little cat with a couple of teary pink eyes? Nope. No, there's not. That's what Ollie looked like last night when the vet diagnosed pink eye in both eyes, gave him a shot of antibiotics, and sent us home with some eye cream.

Is there anything more fun than putting eye cream in a little cat's eyes twice a day? YEP. YEP THERE IS. Pretty much anything else in the world is more fun than that.

I let him sleep in my closet all day today (a luxury he is normally not granted because of his habit of eating sweaters). But this morning I couldn't blame him. The poor guy looks so sick and uncomfortable.

Of course we're headed to my parents' tomorrow after work for Thanksgiving. Why do pets always get sick right before you go away?

1 comment:

Brother Bear said...

Pink eye?!?! Tell him to get his face out of the toilet!!!

Poor little blinkie boy.