Written to a slow, steady song.

Headed home.
I am fascinated by nature vs. nurture. What made me me? If I grew up somewhere else, what of myself would be different? And what is just inherently, unabashedly me?

I have an image of someone rubbing their hands together with an impish grin, softly saying "Oh, this is getting GOOD." Translate that scene into a personality trait and I think you're pretty close to what I feel I am. I suppose it boils down to this:

I constantly feel like I'm on the precipice of something amazing.

Is that obnoxious? It feels a little obnoxious to write that out. But it's not like that. It's not "my life is so charmed! I have everything I want! Tra la!" Here's what it (genuinely) feels like:

A warm wind that hits your face at the start of a vacation. The first few chords of an upbeat album. Nodding your head along with someone seated next to you. Understanding pain. The truest sentence you ever read. A big, deep breath.

This is all to say that Camp Mighty was another event in a long line of life moments that felt true. From listening to speakers whose presentations were inspiring, to finally understanding why we were all there (life lists), to the humility of meeting writers who words have touched millions.

You must surround yourself with others who care. You must get out of the way of others who want to pull rank. You must get with the right people and away from the wrong people and I can't tell you what those definitions are, but I think you know them in your heart anyway. And the reason for this? Well, that's simple.

Because they will make you feel you're on the precipice of something amazing. And while I'm still waiting to see what giant, simple truth will come of my life, I can feel that it's out there, waiting for me to find my way to it. Camp Mighty, like a large, bright, neon sign, made me realize that I'm headed in the right direction.

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SAWK said...

i know exactly what you mean.