Naming a daily intention.

Brian, exec producer on Oprah, talks with Maggie Mason.
I've previously written about 5 goals. My friend Sima and I send each other 5 goals each morning that we aim to accomplish by the evening. These goals are small and achievable, and a mix of personal and professional tasks. We've been doing this for over a year and a half and it gives a lovely rhythm to my morning.

Here are some random examples:
1. Buy stamps for Xmas cards
2. Figure out details of designer offer
3. Respond to Mom's email
4. Spend at least an hour on Keynote presentation
5. Drink at least 3 glasses of water

Since Camp Mighty, I've added a new component to the 5 goals. I now list out an intention for each day. When an executive producer from the Oprah show spoke at Camp Mighty, he talked about the importance of intention. Each show they produced had a specific intention and I realized how helpful it can be for a day. So along with my 5 daily goals, I also write something I intend for the day, based on what I have on my calendar and what I anticipate encountering on each given day.

Here are some random intentions that I've used over the past month:
  • Keep door to personal life closed during work hours (email, twitter, etc)
  • Pay attention.
  • Be open to feedback.
  • Push for specific solutions for problems I encounter today.
  • Be a bright spot in the day of those I come into contact with.
  • Make small, but noticeable progress.

Need a structure for your day? Try it. It's great to have one overarching theme to the kind of day you plan on having. And it always makes me feel better, even on really overwhelming days. 

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