Values 2012.

Muscoot Farm, 12/24/11.
I found this exercise online last week. I'm doing some research about organization structuring at work and found this one, called Mountains and Valleys. It's built to help you figure out your core values - those of your company or those of self.

Chris and I tweaked it this weekend and I thought I'd post our version here for some of you looking to do some new thinking on this new day of 2012.

1. Identify 2 high satisfaction events of 2011. These are events that would be included in your biography, if it were written. You felt really, really satisfied when these happened.

2. Identify 2 low satisfaction events of 2011. You'd include these in your biography as well. These were events that were challenges, disappointments, set-backs or tragedies.

3. Of the high satisfaction events, ask yourself what value was present during those events? What was in the mix? What was being honored? Why and how?

4. Of the low satisfaction events, ask yourself what value was threatened or absent? Why? How?

Write 'em out. Brainstorm on a paper. Bullet them. Boil them down into a few core values that you feel particularly attached to. And then! Then think about ways you can act or opportunities you should pursue (or not) in 2012 according to those values. The Mountains and Valleys exercise does this same thing, except on a lifetime basis (not just 2011). We found it helpful to focus on the past year to plan for what's ahead.

Isn't it amazing to think back over the year and identify what worked and what didn't? And, perhaps more interestingly... why that was the case?

I'm calling this the year of the value. Values'12. Not because I'm running against Obama on a platform of values (sighhhh), but because I have a hunch that identifying values and honoring them is going to be a good recipe to feeling grounded moving forward.

PS Happy New Year! This is my favorite time of year. So much newness!

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