What happens when you order a hat online and are unclear how to wear it.

You've done it before. Ordered an accessory online. It arrives, you don't know how to wear it, and Banana Republic has taken all photos of humans wearing it offline. 

We got creative.

Fashion nervous.

"You kind of look like a pirate."

Sleeping hat?

Does the seam go in the front?

Better, I think...

This man will rob you.

Or... have the wool pulled over his eyes.

French Ollie.
Oscar the Sultan. Obvs.


lindsay said...

Can we talk about how your shower curtain matches our bedspread?!?! And I am puzzled about this hat too!

EricaRW said...

ahahaha thanks for the lolz

SarahGibbs said...

This made me smile! Esp Chris the robber and Ollie the sultan. (ps. Accidentally commented from old work account before, not sire if it worked anyway though...)