Casual Friday in a different city.

I had a very good day today talking about how to run a small business. A small tech business, to be specific, though I suppose that many of the things we covered could extend to a small bakery or bookstore or what have you. It was a good day because I had several conversations with some very smart and down-to-earth people and I felt happy about community.

Then! After dinner and drinks, I pushed through my jet lag and walked to Kathryn and Aaron's house, which was a delightful 7 minutes away from my hotel. The best thing about traveling to a city where you know people is popping in on them on a Friday evening for a cup of tea and a catch up. It was almost as if I lived here, as if our conversations about books and work and our cats were a weekly occurrence. Ah, that it were so.

I'll try to post pictures tomorrow. I passed so many adorable bungalows with blue doors and pink flowered trees today, but was too busy holding an umbrella and a hot tea to take any photos. I'll get on that, though. It's charming as hell.

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