Freakin' social media campaigns always get ruined.

(IMs at work)

Me: what the.
Me: the KONY dude was found masturbating in public.
Chris: Crazy
Chris: I heard that so much of that stuff was called out as a sham, I never got a chance to watch it
Chris: Pretty sad
Me: Yes.
Me: Esp because we have a media kit being mailed to us.
Me: and tee-shirts.
Me: and posters.
Me: (I went a little crazy and paid $30 for a kit)
Chris: If we keep them in mint condition, a hipster will buy them in 2022.
Me: btw it wasn't a sham!
Me: people are horrible and can't be optimistic for 4 minutes!
Chris: I don't know the facts either way
Me: even if a small part of it was, we need to BELIEVE!
Me: btw you down for some church'in on Sunday?
Chris: I think I could church it up.
Me: put on your Sunday best
Chris: I'll get out my tee-shirt with the nuclear explosion on it.
Me: haha great
Me: I'll wear my KONY

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