Galavanting in kindness.

Me and Kathryn. And Hieronymus the cat.
Well! I'm heading west again. I'm headed to Portland later this week for a work conference, then to Seattle for another one. Ican'twaitIcan'twaitIcan'twait.

After my work is done, Chris is flying out to meet me so we can spend a long weekend hanging in Portland. We are excited to see Kathryn and Aaron again (and snuggle their cats!) We're also excited to hang with Asha, a new friend we made at Camp Mighty. We've kept in touch since we met and now we'll get to see how life rolls on her turf.

Man, do I ever crave an airplane ride to read and think and nap. Only 3 more days to wait!


First off, let me just say this about you guys. You are nice. Really! The comments lately and the texts were so supportive over the past few days. But then today I got a letter from Abby, who thought I could use some cheering up. A CARD. IN THE MAIL. FROM A BLOG FRIEND. I mean, really.

Let's always remember how little time it would take to make someone's day. Sure, there are lots of elaborate projects that one can throw herself into - big, lofty, fun projects - but there are also some very small actions we can take to make the world happier. I'm going to send postcards from the west coast to three unsuspecting recipients just to celebrate re-learning this lesson. 

Thank you, Abby, for the kind words. And thanks to all of you for making this blog a strong little space with a metaphoric little beating heart. 

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