It's raining in Portland, but who cares?

I am here! I am in Portland, where it is raining but warm. I'm at a new conference (ShopTalk); it's the first time they're having it, so for the next two days, 15 of us are going to be sitting around and talking about running small tech businesses. (Um. I am jazzed.)

To top it off, it's being held at this AW.ESOME. hotel called McMenamin's Kennedy School, which is a converted old school. So each room has chalkboards with messages on them and there are fun bars with names like "Dention" and "Honors."

I am a weird combination of gross and smelly and hungry and tired, so I'm off to find some grub and then shower and probably sleep. BUT. I wanted to tell you that I read The Marriage Plot cover-to-cover today over the course of 9 hours of travel today and it was so good! Like, crazy good. If you have ever been an English major, you should read it. You will recognize yourself in it. Of course, that does leave me with a gap of what to read next since I had not planned on steamrolling through it...

Maybe there's a fully-functional LIBRARY at this school? I will report back.

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EricaRW said...

I have heard much buzz about 'The Night Circus' if you're looking for something new