Looking forward.

Sometimes when I'm watching 'Mad Men,' I imagine that my Mom was Sally when she was a kid. It's interesting to imagine my Mom as a 12 year old when African Americans were protesting for their rights. The American culture that we see in episodes of 'Mad Men' is, for the most part, foreign to me. Crazy to think my parents grew up in such a different America.

This is obviously how my children will feel about gay rights and marriage. Society moves forward, correcting social imbalances as needed. I'm not naive enough to say that we've solved equality with regard to race just yet (Trayvon Martin, anyone?), but I'm hopeful enough to say that my kids will grow up in a more open world.

And I can't wait to see the show that AMC puts out in 20 or 30 years to demonstrate the progress.

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EricaRW said...

the support they're giving to zombies is quite admirable