Mentally abroad for the day

This article about the differences between French and American families (described in a book by Pamela Druckerman) was circulating a few weeks ago on Facebook and Twitter. Maybe you saw it? I'm always a sucker for French culture books, so I ordered it from our local library and picked it up last night on the way home from work.

Fast forward to me spending the WHOLE DAY reading the book cover to cover. It was fascinating to read about the ways we pick up culture from our earliest days on the planet, and especially how French babies become, well, French people.

Tonight, sufficiently nostalgic, we got dressed up and headed to our favorite French restaurant in Brooklyn, Bacchus. The waitresses know us there and always speak French with me. It was a great evening; Chris and I talked about culture and discipline, how we grew up and how we'd like to take a trip to France next year.

French isn't a daily thing for me anymore, but I continue to be so grateful for the time I've spent studying the language and the time I spent living abroad. The whole "work to live" mentality is a much healthier model than New York's "live to work," and after a particularly stressful week, this was a great reminder for both of us.

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