Navigating the Tweens.

Tonight we saw The Hunger Games. Obviously because it was opening night and because these books are technically Young Adult, we were seated among many teenage girl birthday parties. And the crying! Oh the sobbing! The scene when Rue dies prompted such wails! (This is not really a spoiler, as the whole movie is about killing).

It reminded me of the totally social awkward age when showing emotion is not cool one week and entirely popular the next. My Dad took a friend and me to see Philadelphia when I was in the 7th grade and I remember this friend cried through the whole thing. I also remember being concerned with how much emotion I should have been showing. I mean, yes, AIDS, drama, Denzel Washington... but I was too worried about the crying to actually feel any of it.

Such angst! On our walk home tonight, Chris mentioned how annoyed he was when all the teenage girls laughed AT THE WRONG MOMENTS. Like, when they show the other love interest, Gale. I pointed out that, at 11 years old, you have no idea what a relationship is and the best you can do is assume the opposite of love is pure hatred. And then laugh nervously!

One day they'll grow up and realize the opposite of love is sometimes confusion.

Moral of the story: the movie was GREAT. The books were great too. Four thumbs up from this household!

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EricaRW said...

Rue... DIES??

Glad you liked it - can't wait to go myself but likely going to wait a few weeks while the tween crowd chills out.... or go at 3pm when they are still writing in their angsty diaries and only the 50+ crowd is out ;)