On renewable resources.

Tonight Chris and I walked down to Union Square before we got on the subway. It was pretty nice out and it was a good way to end the day together with a bit of exercise. We talked a little about our Life Lists and the kinds of things that might happen to us in our lives. I'm not sure if I can fully credit Camp Mighty for this (because I think there was a reason we were drawn to it in the first place), but I feel so grateful to be the kind of person who can look at a messy world and see possibility.

I was overwhelmed by opportunity in our futures today and I tried to put it into words. The closest I got was this:

I feel very lucky because there's a renewable stock of small hope seeds within me, tiny little sprouts that can be called forward at a moment's notice. I know that, no matter what happens in my life, I can count on these sprouts to appear, grow roots and bear hope. Even when I imagine potential difficult situations in our lives (living far from family, financial issues, trouble figuring out what I'm supposed to do), I'm reassured that there is opportunity to form a community and build a good life, no matter what.

Granted, I'm lucky enough to have a partner who also sees possibility in many areas. It's great to be with Chris because he is eternally optimistic too and I have a hard time imagining him getting stuck in his ways. Evolution, on a personal level, is such a life-saver, don't you think? Because when we are confident and open enough to evolve, we're well-positioned to be happy.

To top off this feeling of strength I had earlier tonight, I just finished watching an episode of Oprah's Next Chapter in which she travels to Fairfield, Iowa to visit the town that meditates. A million new thoughts pop into my head, ideas about waking earlier to meditate, ideas about Iowa, hope for a smaller city that will one day welcome us, hope for an education for our children that doesn't feel like a compromise. All that from a TV show!

That's what media should be about. The Internet gets a bad rap for all the horribleness it reveals about the world, but it's also a huge resource for wonder and change. I'm glad that we're alive in an age when connecting with people very far away is not only possible, but happens all the time.

Also I'm glad to be alive when Oprah's alive. Man, do I love her.

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Rebecca said...

Jen, I love this post! I was just thinking about how it was so amazing that we could all meet at your apartment, not really knowing each other for very long, and immediately embrace one another, launch into passionate conversation, and make plans to help each other in the future. I realized that it's because we share values and hope about the future, and that makes it easy to connect. Keep being who you are, because we sure love you!