Readability launch and Camp Mighty Reunion. (Yes, we're tired).

It's been a crazy couple of weeks. We've had house guests the past few weekends and work has been IN.SANE. Last week we released Readability's iOS app... which is currently the app of the week on iTunes! Go grab it! It's free!

I haven't written much about Readability on this here blog, but it's an Arc90 product and Chris is the CTO for Readability. This explains why he's always coding on the weekends. Or reading tweets on his iPhone. The dude is dedicated. And I've rarely seen him more excited than last week when all the hard work paid off and the team was recognized for the app in iTunes. Exciting stuff!

He's out in California for a week at a conference, so it's just me and the cats at home. Last night they slept on both sides of me, a feline straight jacket. They've been dealing with a lot of change lately, with so many strangers staying here and a lively party on Saturday night. We were lucky enough to host a Camp Mighty reunion with some local NYers and a few out of town guests (hi Erica and Rebecca!).

Halfway through the party, I thought "man, I know the most interesting people." Love these guys.

These past few weeks have been a funny blend of re-seeing old and new friends. I just love the experience of meeting new people and connecting with them... at times it feels like you've known them for years when it's actually been minutes.

This is incredibly reassuring when we think about leaving New York in the future... I feel sure that we're going to have a great social life no matter where we go. Cheers to inspiring people!

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