I loved college. Well, the first year I hated it. But then I loved it, so much, that sometimes I still think about how happy I was walking around Muhlenberg's campus, living within a mile of everyone I thought was amazing in the world. It's still hard to believe that much awesome was around me any given day. Coffee with a professor, then brunch with Leigh, then a walk to English class with Skersh. (I could go on and on.)

So it was a totally amazing thing when this past weekend, the English department held a reunion. Anne, Sarah, Skrocks and I caravanned down from Brooklyn and stayed overnight on Friday, then spent all day Saturday reminiscing and reuniting with fellow lit people.

A highlight: we attended a short story class with Dr. Rosenwasser, one of our favs of the department. For 75 glorious minutes, it was really like reliving college. We made smart points about the work, listened to each other, and made a mess with an Irish story.

The afternoon was warm, so we skipped a session and walked around campus. We sat around Parent's Plaza and I asked everyone what they would change about college if they could go back. My answer was that I wish I would have found my major sooner; I wasted a couple of years in the Education program and when I think of the lit classes I could have taken with that time... well. I just wish I'd gotten there sooner.

But that's one of those life lessons, right? That it takes you however long it takes you to get where you need to go. And I'm very appreciative that Muhlenberg was the place I became who I was going to become, even if it tok me a tiny bit longer than I would have liked.

Pix of the weekend:

The lovely Peggy spoke about going freelance.

Skrock poses under her sculpture.

MO! I finally caught up with Mo after 8 years!


Meg said...

Wow. Your words made me miss Muhlenberg so much. But then your pictures??? I'm on the bullet train down memory lane right now. I love that place :)

Mer said...

So fun! I do miss that place sometimes :)

Jessica said...

I second it. All of it.

Jen said...

Awww, yes! Love it and miss it. It was so much better seeing Mberg people AT Mberg, btw. Just much more powerful.