Sunny Sunday

You know how sometimes you get into a lazy routine of sleeping late and just watching TV and eating junk food? And one day you wake up and think THAT'S IT. I'M GETTING UP EARLY AND EATING SALADS. That's where I'm at with this here blog. I wasn't posting on here a bunch and then it got more infrequent and then it stopped. For eleven days. I mean, I REMEMBERED that I had a blog, but I've just so busy doing life things and out and about and sleeping in that it just never seemed like the time to sit down and write a post.

NO MORE, I SAY. I am back. And for the rest of March, I'm committing to a post a day. Not because I'm doing a social media experiment or NaNoWriAnything, but because I want to get back in the rhythm of sharing things.

First up, some news. We are... going to Japan! We have tickets booked. For 12 days in the month of May, we'll be way over on the other side of the world, eating sushi and petting tame deer. Well, Chris will be eating sushi. I, myself, do not like fish. I will probably be on a quest for the world's best Ramen noodles.

Is that exciting or what? Now that we have tickets, I'm knee-deep in hotel reservations and buying tickets for the bullet train. It is going to be a crazy time, let me tell you. We'll be hitting up Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara and Takayama... so if you have words of advice or places we MUST see, the comments section is yours.

I leave you with photos of my mentors of late. Now you can understand why I've been so lazy!


Anonymous said...

Daily posts? YEY! My daily reading will follow you Jen.
Hope you're well, Ciara

Jen said...

Ciara! You are so nice. :)

evelyn said...

Oh, those cute catties! Make sure to go to the castle in Kyoto!! Miss you, friend! P.S. I'm a RUNNER now!!! (kinda!)