2012 goal: Surprise someone. CHECK.

One of my three goals for 2012 was to surprise someone. I left it really vague, knowing that it would be so much more fun if it wasn't defined for a specific person or event. And so when I realized that our dear friend Skersh's birthday was coming soon, I thought it might be a good idea to send a little surprise her way.

You remember Skersh. Oscar has publicly proclaimed his love for her on his public website. Her birthday was this past Friday... and for some reason I had cookie cake on the brain. You know those cakes that people used to have at roller skating birthday parties or sometimes sleepovers? I couldn't get those giant chocolate chip cookie cakes out of my (pregnant) brain. 

AND SO. I looked up a shop in Madison. If you EVER need cookies in Madison, Wisconsin, please contact Ann at Cookies by Design. What originally was going to be a cake with birthday balloons iced on it became... well... this glorious piece of artwork:

THAT'S OSCAR. RIGHT THERE ON THE CAKE. He doesn't normally look as smiley in person (because he's basically a wise sweet old owl), but that's him right there. You can tell because of the white tip on his tail. 

Ann did an amazing job incorporating Oscar and flowers for a ridiculous surprise for Skersh's bday. It was such a joy seeing things come together on Friday afternoon and I'm so excited that the ladies are enjoying this cookie as we speak!

Here's what Oscar looked like today, hanging out in his favorite place. A BOX WITHIN A BOX:

Mission Accomplished.

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Anonymous said...

This was such a fun surprise. Skersh (and I!) love the cookiecake!!