A change of scenery.

In an effort to upend nearly every aspect of our lives in 2012, we're moving in two weeks. Project never-a-dull-moment is a success around these parts, let me tell you.

About a month ago while I was down at Muhlenberg for a reunion, we got wind of a two-bedroom apartment coming free down the hall on May 1. Like, literally down the hall. "Go see the apartment," I told Chris, "and if it is anything better than a shithole, TAKE IT on the spot!"

Proud to report that it is a lovely apartment with two (small) bedrooms and about 100 closets. Storage won't be an issue, but human living space might be. Maybe we will have the baby sleep on the linen shelves! Or possibly in the pantry in the kitchen. Hey! It's called urban living!

In any event, we will be snug as bugs in our new home and will surely make the best of this serendipitous new living space. It will be the easiest move of our lives and we've invited a small group of friends and family to push dollies 100 feet down the hall while eating bagels and cream cheese. Moving?! More like a light breakfast workout.

We're going to miss the deck. Like, a lot. Having outdoor space in Brooklyn has been amazing for parties and for our sanity. But there's a time to make trades and we'll take a second bedroom over the outdoor space at this point in our lives.

Ahhh, adult decisions. A definite part of becoming a first-time parent!

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