A few days in Seattle.

Sun in Seattle? The world is ending.
Conferences can wear you out. Out, I say! I was inspired about 27 hours ago. But now I've moved past inspired into drained and a little bit sick of myself. "HI MY NAME IS AND THIS IS WHAT I DO AND HERE'S WHO I DO IT FOR AND DON'T YOU AGREE THAT MOBILE IS THE FUTURE?"


It's been great, though. Seattle is sort of like a sketchier version of Portland, an observation based on my brief encounters with the city over the past couple of days. I actively planned how I would fight back if someone attacked me on my walks home the last two evenings. (I realize this is ironic coming from NY, but I just don't know how harmless some of these people are!)... On the other hand, Seattle has been pretty sunny the past two days and for that I am grateful.

I'm working remotely from the Seattle Public Library tomorrow and then headed back to Portland on a train. I am EXCITED to be reunited with Chris! I miss that dude. My evenings have been lonely here at the Ace without him, as evidence by the fact that I have eaten take-out and watched The Voice every night. (How is that show on every night? I am still confused.)

Alright, enough. Tomorrow I have to be up to work for East Coast time, so I'm off to bed. GOODNIGHT, EVERYONE. Thanks for the comments lately. This blog (and you!) have made me feel less homesick.

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