It's a... !

I always thought I'd want to keep the gender of my first baby a surprise til the end. Is there a bigger surprise moment in your life? I doubt it. But Chris felt more comfortable knowing ahead of time and so we agreed to find out for the first kid.

Some thoughts since Thursday's ultrasound:
  • I already feel more bonded to the baby. Knowing its gender helps me to picture our new family of three, decide what colors to use in the nursery and pick a damn pronoun to use!
  • Our appointment was amazingly exciting. It didn't matter that we weren't getting the baby the same day... it was JUST as exciting to learn boy or girl at 19 weeks as I imagine it would be at birth.
  • Finding out early allowed us to make a little gender reveal cake for my family, who made the effort to all get to the same spot for the same weekend. (This doesn't happen very often and it was awesome to have them all together).
We had a BLAST surprising them and here's the video to prove it. We're thrilled!


Kath said...

OMG hilarious video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loved it!!

Also totally agree with your sentiments of finding out "early" :)

Anonymous said...

So cute! Is that your brother? He's so excited he "won"! Awesome. Adorable cake.