Thank you.

For the emails, calls, texts and Facebook messages. I don't really choose what I'm going to write about here; it comes more from whatever moves me to sit down and press some keys. I had no idea that a post about weight would garner this much support and attention. And I wanted to sincerely thank you guys for reaching out. What a bizarre thing this blogging is!

Also: yesterday I felt under the weather and worked from home. While I was home, I did a load of laundry and washed my new maternity jeans. Last night I wore them out to dinner and I'm wearing them again this morning. I feel like a million bucks. (This just so happens to have been their original price! Gah.) I ordered some maternity clothes online and have a standing appointment to go pick up a few things with my Mom when we can work it out.

If you're pregnant and feeling crappy, buy some maternity jeans. They are well worth the splurge and can get you back into feeling a little shinier than usual.

If you're not pregnant, you probably want to invest in a pair around Thanksgiving. Enormous elastic waist band, but you still look great? WIN-WIN-WIN.

(Thanks again.)

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Anne said...

Oh, Jen, YES! For the love of it all, make yourself comfortable. You'll need to be, to fight off all the people/articles/well-meaning strangers who are convinced they know how you should be raising Tiny. I just caught up on your posts... makes me want to meet you for coffee and talk and talk and talk.