Oh. OH. You guys have projects.

Two nights ago after I published the last post about launching NIFW, I closed my computer and looked at Chris and said "if no one signs up, then we know it wasn't a great idea and wasn't meant to be. Right?"

And then Chris said he would be my first student and I said "blah" and then we decided that minimum viability would be 1 or 2 people.

AND THEN TWENTY BILLION OF YOU REGISTERED. Just kidding. But many more than six of you did, which left me with a tough decision yesterday. I've decided to run a second session in late July with a week off in-between, during which I gather my bearings and readjust for the next crew.

Without a doubt, the most impressive thing to me yesterday was not the number of people who registered, but the insanely awesome projects everyone wants to do. I mean, people SHARED, man. People have big dreams and some of them are still a little bit tentative, but your heads are all in a good place, a dreaming place. And that just so happens to be where my brain lives 85% of the time. (The other 15% of the time is spent in a walled room in my brain in which I always believe I'm 4 seconds from starvation and financial ruin. Heyyy! Good times!)

So! If you are still interested in participating in Creative Summer Camp, go ahead and register on the site. At this point you'll be put on a waiting list for one of the sessions, but I'll be in touch if fate has its way and you end up with a spot.

No is for wimps, you guys! (And thanks.)

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