Zen morning

During our monthly appointment with the midwife yesterday, we got to talking about labor.

"The best thing you can do during labor is to relax," she said. "You're going to want to tense up because it hurts, but if you can stay calm and learn how to do that, the rest will just happen."

She compared labor to a marathon - not something you just wake up and do one Saturday, but rather a physical endeavor, one that you prepare for. Besides keeping active, she suggested meditation or some other ritual that I do on a regular basis to teach myself to relax.

I was totally down, but had a busy evening last night and hadn't yet put thought into how I'd structure my relaxation. (Ha. Get the joke? I'M BAD AT THIS.) So this morning when I woke up and complained to Chris about how I hate getting showers, how I didn't feel like it, suddenly the light bulb went off: an opportunity.

Side note: I hate taking showers. Hate it! It's so boring, same thing every time, and it prevents me from getting my day started. One of the massive perks about working from home sometimes is that I can literally start work from my bed. Showers have always been a barrier to me, something I have to do BEFORE the fun starts. (Extra side note: I also just feel GUILTY about using all that water. I am a sucker for environmental campaigns and take the responsibility of the world's water usage on my shoulders. Also not good.)

This morning I decided that I would forget all that crap. I would ENJOY a shower. And you know what? It was pretty great.

Here's what I did:

  • I only used the good-smelling shampoo (instead of trying to finish up the bottle that was almost done)
  • I used my favorite shower gel (the expensive one that was gifted)
  • I did a face mask 
  • I thanked and appreciated each of my limbs as I soaped up. I thanked my left arm for helping me type today, my left leg for getting me in and out of subways, meetings, and out to grab a healthy lunch. I thanked my right leg for telling me when I'm tired and encouraging me to rest when I need to. I thanked my belly (which I have a tough relationship with) for being a little flabby and providing a safe nest for Tiny and then I thanked my right arm for being my RIGHT HAND MAN and holding down the fort. Ha. Then finally I washed my face mask off and prepared my face to smile today.

The best! It didn't take that much longer than normal and now I feel ready to face the morning, having connected my physical self with all of the things I'm going to do today.

It's not a relaxation curriculum, but it's a start.


EricaRW said...

I HATE SHOWERINGGGGGG. What a waste of time. Good idea to change attitudes about it & embrace the alone time! Good luck :)

Kath said...

I TOTALLY AGREE!! I hate showering.

Although I can totally related you on choosing your favorite products for a day. Why do we even have second favorites!? I'm so tired of my current soap I want to just throw it away!

Jen said...

Hahaha. Ok guys, my next blog is going to be showerhaters.com. :)

Erica said...

Have you ever listened to music while you shower? I grew up listening to music in the bathroom while I was showering/taking a bath, and I've convinced D that it's the most awesome thing in the world.

We have speakers and an iPod in the bathroom, and each of us has specific songs that we like to listen to. It helps me keep my showers relatively short (max 2 songs with the water running), and when I'm tired, I can pick energetic music to start my day.

Of course, you can't really put loud music on if your significant other is still asleep, but it might be something you can try to add to your new routine.

PS - I hate showering too, and try to keep it as brief as possible!

ev said...

Oops...I love showering! In fact, I think a good Kohler showerhead is one of the best investments (in personal happiness) one can make! And, while I have an aunt who turns off the water while she soaps up, I feel like one awesome shower a day isn't going to kill planet earth. So maybe you should ask Santa Claus for one, Jen!